Access Tokens and Authentication

How to Authenticate & API Testing Tools Example

Before you start working with the HelpSpace API, you need to generate an API-Token. Please log in to your account and go to Settings -> Access Tokens. This token will be show one time only. Please save it to your password manager. If you lose it, you need to create a new token.


How to Authenticate

You need to provide the headers Authorization and Hs-Client-Id in every request. Please replace {{token}} and {{hs_client_id}} in the example below with your credentials.

GET /api/v1/... HTTP/1.1
Authorization: Bearer {{token}}
Hs-Client-Id: {{hs_client_id}}
Content-Type: application/json; charset=utf-8

API Testing Tools Example

You can also use tools like Talend API Tester for your testing.
Simply add the headers Authorization Hs-Client-Id as shown below, and you are ready to go.

CleanShot-2022-02-11-at-22.29.02.pngThis image shows how to create a new ticket. For more information about tickets see this link.


General Response Structure