Connect to Zapier

Integrate with with Zapier and sync data between thousands of apps

Zapier makes it easy to connect HelpSpace with over 3000 Apps so you can build intelligent workflows and automations using the tools you work with.

Setting up the integration is fairly easy and described below with a few simple steps:

  1. Login to your HelpSpace Account and go to Settings -> Integrations.

  2. Click on "Setup Integration" on the Zapier integration card.

  3. A modal will pop up to generate the Access Token needed to authenticate with Zapier.

  4. Copy your Client ID and Secret Key. The Secret Key will not be shown again so make sure you save it in your password manager or any other save place.

  5. Click on the button "Connect to Zapier". A new window will appear where you need to enter your Client ID and Secret Key.

  6. Done 🎉. You are now able to create your first Zap.